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Orisha Music Info

What is this site?

Learning from our elders…

The goal of this site is to continue to compile, learn and grow a trustworthy repository of information about songs for the Orisha.

Elders like John Mason, Thomas Altmann, Lydia Cabrera, or Lázaro Ros (just to name a few) were able to document these songs either written in books or recorded audio.

Over ~100 years of information, presented in text or audio gives us a challenge: Finding this information in one spot with resources cited.

With books being out of print, audio sung by different aponni, or the difference in dialect/region of where the song was learned - we have a lot of learning to do!

This work, research, and education is a labor of love for the Orisha.

I’m looking for a song…

We now have searching capabilities! Use the “search docs” in the sidebar on the left.

Please note that because of certain spellings, you might run into some anomalies. Elegba will not return songs with Elegbara or Elegua

The good news is that no matter if a word is accented or not, you will still get hits in those search results!

Ẹlégbá will be returned if you search for Elegba. For best results, try a couple variations of the word you are looking for.

Where did the names of the songs originate from?

The original names for the songs are usually derived from the first line of the song. Songs may be split into multiple parts wherever it makes sense.

I found an error / I would like to contribute…

Your contribution is welcomed! This is all managed via version control thru Github. Please sign up for a github account and reach out via an issue.

I need to submit a takedown request / I would like to be correctly attributed…

Deepest apologies if I have unknowingly misused any audio/content that you created. I would like to fix this right away! Please sign up for a github account and reach out via an issue.

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