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Aawe We Melere Oh Aawe

This verse can be heard in this youtube video between these timestamps: 9:44 - 11:09


common spelling pronunciation
Aawe ‘we mi lere o aawe Ahh-way, way mee lay-ray~oh ahh-way
Aawe ‘we mi lere o aawe Ahh-way, way mee lay-ray~oh ahh-way
Iku i yayo ee-koo~ ee-yah-yoh
‘we mi lere o way mee lay-ray~oh
Aawe ‘we mi lere Ahh-way, way mee lay-ray


Same as call.

Need Help?

  • Listen to the akpwon (vocalist/chanter)! There are additional lines that may appear at the end of this song, see below from John Mason.

The following text is referenced directly from John Mason’s Orin Orisa:

CALL (As documented by John Mason):

John Mason’s Spelling John Mason’s Translation
Ààwè ‘we mi lérè o ààwè (2x) When mourning the dead my children are dirty. It is mourning.
Ikú yayò ‘we mi lérè. Death rejoices my children are dirty.
Ààwè ‘we mi lérè When mourning, my children are dirty.
Ààwè rí òkè. Mourning is seen on high.
Ikú yayò ‘we mi lérè Death rejoices, my children are dirty.


Same as call.


  • Chapter Eggun, Song 27; Orin Orisa: Songs for Selected Heads by John Mason

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