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Elegba Ni Ta Laroye Sokuo Aye

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Oro olo olo pa ire. Ma Sokun’O Oro oh-low oh-low pah ee-ray. Mah so-kun-oh


common spelling common pronunciation
E, Elegba ni ta laroye sokuo aye ay, Elegbara nee ta la-row-yeh so-ku-oh ah-yay


  • We are telling Elegba, hey!
  • The mouse’s voice (Elegba) you are good, but the party is over - do not cry
  • Elegba has the outside, laroye, don’t cry here on earth
  • Energy isn’t created — it’s neither created nor distroyed… it’s there, it’s eternal, it changes, it goes on
  • We don’t want that energy of chaos, the energy of the crossroads - we don’t want that ALL the time. We ask Eshu to go outside


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