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Afo Fo Unlo

This verse can be heard in this youtube video between these timestamps: 0:48 - 1:59


common spelling common pronunciation
Afo fo unlo Ah-fo fo un-low
Un yeye unlo Ooh-ye-ye un-low
Eshu mi’dara unlo Eshu mee-da-ra un-low
Ose bara ni bakini fo mo de oh-shay ba-ra ni bah-ki-ni fo mo de


Same as call.

Other notes

  • This may be played during the closing of the drum (source Ase Omo Osayin…ewe Aye by Miguel W. Ramos 9781877845031)


  • We cannot possess Eshu,
  • We cannot possess childhood, it is always on the run from us and no matter how fast we leap toward it, it must leave us.
  • We do not own youth, it leaves us, as should the food we eat once it is done as should anything that does not suit us any more.
  • We need not be stuck in any way.

  • afo - Situation or state of difficulty that causes us to - become stuck in mud
  • U’je’je unlo - eating has got go go
  • Esu me dara unlo - My Eshu of goodness must go
  • Ose bara - sweep away all things that are not of use anymore - when the sweet turns sour
  • Ni Bi - never have or obtain or possess
  • Ki ni - not posess
  • fo - to rush or jump towards
  • omode - state of childhood


Maintained by Stephanie Frantz