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Iwere Iyeye

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:

This verse can be heard in this youtube video between these timestamps: 4:01 - 6:50


common spelling common pronunciation
Iwere Iyeye ee-weh-reh ee-yay-yay
Iwere Iyeye ee-weh-reh ee-yay-yay
Eluwa mi Obatala Eh-loo-wah mee Oh-bah-tah-lah
Eluwa mi ol’orisha Eh-loo-wah mee oh~lo-Oh-ree-sha
Ibari baba ee-bah-ree~ bah-bah
ibari yeye ee-bah-ree~ yay-yay
Obatala ta oda sho ma mero Oh-bah-tah-lah tah~oh-dah sho mah meh-roh
Eriki wa dashe ehh-ree-kee wah dah-shay
Olofi oba Oh-low-fee Oh-bah
Olofi Obara aiye Oh-loh-fee Oh-bah-rah ah-yay


Same as call.

Need Help?

  • Listen to the akpwon (vocalist/chanter)! Below are some examples of different variations that a singer may choose:

    • Eluwa mi oba orisha or Oluwa mi ol’Orisha
    • Obatala ta oda so ma mero or Obatala ta o tasho ma mero
    • Erikin la wase or Eriki wa dashe
    • Olomi Osayin or Olofi oba
  • “Ritual Songs as taught by Afolabi”
  • Song 2 taught in Obatalá Class by Bobi Céspedes on January 17, 2022

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