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Mariwo Ye Ye Ye, Mariwo

This verse can be heard in this youtube video between these timestamps: 8:41 - 9:31


common spelling common pronunciation
Mariwo ye ye ye, mariwo Mah-ree-woh yay-yay-yay, mah-ree-woh
Ogun ariwo oh-goohn ~ah-ree-woh


Same as call.

John Mason’s Spelling John Mason’s Translation
Màrìwò yéyéyé màrìwò Palm-fronds swirling, the sound of the voice of Egungun
Ògún ariwo Ogun rumbles


  • Chapter Ogun, Song 3; Orin Orisa: Songs for Selected Heads by John Mason

T. Altmann. Cantos lucumí: a los Orichas. Song 444, page ?


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