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Invocation To Osain

This list may be used to fill in the blank of the below song:

common spelling common pronunciation rough translation
iya ee-yah Mother
enu ay-new tongue/communication
epo eh-poh That which gives us a way
ebo ay-boh A solution to everything
ibo eeh-boh that which gives us life/life itself
bibo bee-boh ((may be misheard “ibo” as above))
  • Translation/Meaning:
    • It is a request: May we not break away from ____


common spelling common pronunciation
Ewe kama ya ____ eh-weh kah-mah yah ____


common spelling common pronunciation
____ ____ ____ ____

Need Help?

  • Listen to the akpwon (vocalist/chanter)! You may hear ka-ma-ma as well as ka-ma-ya. All of these are just different variations that a singer may choose.
  • You may also hear ewe said at the beginning of the akpwon; or they may choose not to say it. Both are just variations.
  • The order of which these are sung from the list is not predetermined; it depends on the akpwon. Also note that not all of these are sung!

Maintained by Stephanie Frantz