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Kuru Kuru Gbede

This verse can be heard in this youtube video between these timestamps: 0:00 - 0:30

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Kuru kuru gbede. Koo-roo Koo-roo gbeh-deh


common spelling common pronunciation
mariwo osain mah-ree-woh~sain
mariwo rere mariwo mah-ree-woh reh-reh mah-ree-woh


kuru kuru - (Refers to the sound of the duck) The sound of Osayín…(is the) shaking sound of mariwó

Allusion to the chant: I am moving the mariwó to come in; allow me in.

Need Help?

  • The word gbede uses the sound gb. Please refer to the Alphabet: GB to hear how this may sound. When singing, the g may be nearly silent, and you may only hear *beh-deh.
  • Listen to the akpwon (vocalist/chanter)! The word mariBo may also sound like mariWo. Both of these are just different variations that a singer may choose.
  • The o at the end of maribo will merge into osain - listen for it in mah-ree-boh~sain.


T. Altmann Song 74

T. Altmann Song 81

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