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Bainse Semi Osain Youro Mi

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Bainse semi osain youro mi Bai-ehn~say~seh-mee oh-sain yoh-ooh-row~mee
ewiwi awa yaroko eh-wee-wee ah-wah yah-roh-koh
ewiwi awa tinibu. eh-wee-wee ah-wah tee-nee-boo




Bai seín semi Bara work for me

Osayín ojoro’mí Osayín, ojuoro is floating on the water

Owiwí agbá eiyé rokó The owl is the old bird on the farm

Owiwí agbá temí wí I want to be like the owl

Allusion to the chant: I want to evolve.

Maintained by Stephanie Frantz