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Mamura Lamofinye Mamura Lawa Loroke

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Mamura lamofinye mah-moo-rah lah-moh~feen-yay
mamura lawa loroke. mah-moo-rah lah-wah~loh-roh-kay



Allusion to the chant: Some associate this suyere with Ogbe-Tura that witnessed what will happen if we are well prepared. Ebó was made and a tiny quail was rewarded with food and drink after being destitute and starving. Orishá will provide for man.


  • Song (9) taught in Osain Class by Bobi Céspedes on Janurary 3, 2022
  • T. Altmann, Cantos Lukumi, Song 78

T. Altmann Song 78

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