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Kukuru Kukuru

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Kukuru kukuru coo~coo-roo coo~coo-roo

Corn husk, corn husk


common spelling common pronunciation
Tiwi tiwi ala mofiyena tiwi tiwi. tee-wee tee-wee ah-lah moh-fee-yay-nah tee-wee tee-wee


Small birds/Small owls come to eat your food Small birds/small owls = tiwi tiwi

W.R. “Little by little, we will triumph over evil, this is what this song refers to”

Need Help?

  • Say the word Fiesta out loud: the word mofiyena has the same fie sound.


  • Song (3) taught in Osain Class by Bobi Céspedes on Janurary 3, 2022
  • T. Altmann, Cantos Lukumi, Song 75

T. Altmann Song 75

Maintained by Stephanie Frantz