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Ewe Inle Iyomi

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Ewe inle iyomi, eh-wee een-lay eeh-yoh-mee
awona me inle iyomi, ah-woh-na meh een-lay eeh-yoh-mee
ochin chin inle iyomi. oh-cheen cheen een-lay eeh-yoh-mee
Yekun bayewa loroba yeh-koon bah-yeh-wah loh-roh-bah



Ewé ilé yomí Leaves arranged in heaps makes me happy

Agbona mejé yomí Seven roads (of Orisha) makes me happy

Oshinshín ilé yomí The herbs soup makes me happy

Bekún bá yé wá yó robá (Bekún) makes titles and appoints chiefs

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