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Yemoja Asesu

This verse can be heard in this youtube video:


common spelling common pronunciation
Yẹmọja Asè’sun. Asè’sun Yẹmọja Yeh-mai-yah ah-seh-soo. Ah-seh-soo Yeh-mai-yah
Yemaya is the gush of spring.  
The gush of spring is Yemaya.  
Yẹmọja Olódò. Olódò Yẹmọja Yeh-mai-yah oh-low-doh. Oh-low-doh Yeh-mai-yah
The Mother of the Children of Fishes is the Owner of Rivers.  
The Owner of Rivers is the Mother of the Children of Fishes.  


Yemoja Asesu is the messenger of Olokun. She lives in dirty and polluted waters, and is not the quickest when it comes to answering requests.

Yemoja Ye’le Ye lodo: The Yemoja of the beach and the river bank: places where land and water meet and influence each other.

Olodo perhaps translates directly to “the ruler of the river”


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T. Altmann Song 197

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