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Omosito Mosito


common spelling common pronunciation
Omo si tomo si to oh-moh~see toh~moh-see-toh
Inle alade komo yokoto eehn-lay ah-lah-day koh-moh~yoh-koh-toh


Same as call.


  • It seems as though this song may be sung for Olokun and Inle.
    • John Mason has this written in a different way for Olokun and Inle: however, the tell is that the second line starts with Olokun or Inle. The way that Bobi teaches the song for Olokun, it says Ile (as in house/family) instead of Inle. Not sure what is more accurate… in these situations, it is best to just listen to the akpwon (vocalist/chanter)!


  • Song 7 taught in Inle Class by Bobi Céspedes on December 27, 2021

Maintained by Stephanie Frantz